VF Corporation
VF really understands the need for value chain control as it relates to its goal of total responsiveness to customers. Its Third Way sourcing strategy helped reduce costs and lower inventory while increasing productivity, giving it the most advanced and best-managed supply chain in its industry.

Best Buy
Best Buy recently renovated 110 of its stores around five core consumer groups: suburban moms; technology junkies; affluent, time-pressed yuppies; families on a budget and small businesses. Same-store sales growth for these remodeled stores exceeded 9 percent, double the same-store sales growth for non-renovated outlets.

In 2009, Amazon spent $850 million on shipping alone. But since then, the company has begun co-locating distribution centers with UPS hubs, which provides faster and cheaper shipping to the benefit of Amazon and its customers. At the same time, the Amazon Prime program has increased traffic and revenue across the site. Prime members visit the site more often and cross-shop more frequently.

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